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Best Schools: Hamilton HS

Hamilton High School is continuing to develop a sanctuary for special needs students to express themselves by embracing garden-based learning that promotes collaboration and inclusiveness across the student body. “We wanted to create a learning environment where students can be outside, get messy, use their energy, but still make ties…

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Back to School Guide

Colleges and universities in the Greater Dayton area continue to invest in programs for the benefit of their students. Miami University With an eye towards the future, Miami University invested in new academic programs designed to better prepare its students for the workplace after graduation. Underclassmen now have two new…

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Life Lessons

Creating enriching environments where students can learn about life beyond the standard curriculum is one of the hallmarks of some of our Best Schools. Here are just a few examples of how schools go above and beyond to teach students lessons in life. Miamisburg High School For a high school…