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Google Consent Mode 101: Protecting User Rights & Business Needs

Google’s introduction of Consent Mode (beta) provides an organization the ability to technically modify the behavior of Google tags (Google Analytics, Google Ads Conversion and Remarketing, and Floodlight) to comply with privacy regulations while still collecting a minimum level of engagement data.

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What are Realtime Reports?

In today’s world, having a strong online presence is increasingly important across all industries. Without proper analytics implementation, your business risks falling behind to the competition.

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Google Analytics 4: An Introduction to Predictive Metrics

My wife and I welcomed our first child, Leon, to our family last year. His arrival brought sleepless nights, lots of time inside playing with him, and diaper changes.

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[iOS 14.5 UPDATE] How Will the Apple iOS 14 Update Impact Advertising?

On Monday, Apple announced iOS 14.5. Among the changes in this software update is a new privacy pop-up that allows users to restrict the use of their device ID.

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How A National Television Network Migrated from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics 360

InfoTrust and our client worked to migrate their analytic setup from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics 360 (GA360).

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How Browsers’ Consumer Privacy Changes Will Impact Your Ad ROI Measurement

Recently, Google Ad Manager ran an experiment where it disabled access to cookies for a small fraction of users to see whether ad revenues would fall when cookies were not available. They found that ad revenues fell by a whopping 52 percent for the top 500 global publishers, with a…

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Data Privacy Day: Email Newsletter

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The Ultimate Guide to Compliant Tracking: Google Analytics 4

As many organizations will be migrating to the new version throughout 2021, we felt it important to update and expand on the compliant tracking guide specifically for Google Analytics 4.

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How a Major Health Care System Utilized Google BigQuery to Create Automated Reporting Dashboards

InfoTrust worked to implement automated reporting dashboards by integrating marketing platforms with BigQuery.

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InfoTrust No. 2 on Ad Age Best Places to Work 2021 List

“Are we giving because we’re growing, or are we growing because we’re giving?” During a tumultuous year in which companies needed to adapt to unprecedented circumstances, this message was CEO Alex Yastrebenetsky’s guiding principle.