2019 Best of NKY

For the past eight years, the Best of NKY has celebrated all that Northern Kentucky has to offer. From doughnuts to bike stores, we love celebrating the businesses of this community.

Ken Durbin – The At Home Chef

Ken Durbin believes a home-cooked meal provides a valuable opportunity for friends and families to reconnect face-to-face, but that too often homeowners do not wish to bear the burden of preparing food or hosting a gathering.

In pursuit of creating a “unique, one-of-a-kind dining experience,” Durbin promises his clients excellent tasting food with minimal hassle with his company The At Home Chef.

After agreeing to hire Durbin for your upcoming event, homeowners can create a menu together. From there, Durbin agrees to handle the food sourcing, preparation, cooking, cleaning and serving. His commitment to utilizing local farms and markets is a big reason he feels he creates a “better product and experience.” Clients can also choose to handle the serving on their own if they choose.

“They get to relax and have friends over, and drink as much wine as they want,” he says. “It’s very enjoyable and very relaxed. This allows people to make memories that last a lifetime.”

Alexandria Brewing Company

Andy Reynolds, head brewer, majority owner and founder of Alexandria Brewing Company, believes winning the Best Brewery in NKY award is a testament to his loyal customers.

“Number one, I think we have really good fans, I guess you could say,” Reynolds says. “It felt like all of Alexandria was at the event.”

The community has supported this project since its humble beginnings, as local donors pledged just over $20,000. The money went towards securing and renovating a location, among other priorities.

The craft brewery is separated into three different sections designed to appeal to different audiences, including families. The front of the brewery is a restaurant featuring food from Four Mile Pig, whereas the back room is a more “industrial type area” where customers can witness the brewing process firsthand. A dive bar is situated in between both areas.

“I like to think we’re making great beer,” he says. “Of course, that’s up to the end user to decide.”

Jolly Plumbing

Jolly Plumbing, winner of this year’s Best Plumbing award at Best of NKY, credits its success to implementing a company culture in which employees are valued.

“Our values are honest, friendly and prompt,” says Ryan Eten, the business’s marketing director, noting that “a lot of plumbing companies make their plumbers work off high commission rates”.  In comparison, Jolly Plumbing employees do not rely as heavily on sales-based incentives to make a living.

This approach, according to Eten, allows employees the freedom from feeling as though they must convince customers to fix something that doesn’t need repaired. In return, customers feel they can trust any quote that a Jolly Plumbing technician gives them.

“We provide quick, seamless service and stand behind our work,” Eten says. “You may dread a plumbing issue, but you’re not going to dread working with us.”

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